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Hi! I’m Sara, writer and editor of BuyandSellwithSara.com. I am a long time real estate broker based in Malaysia. I have gained extensive experience in the real estate industry throughout the years. This is my personal blog for buying and selling properties in and around the country.

Readers will be treated with expert advice to use in making decisions about properties. It may include financial, legal, and other concerns that only a real, experienced broker can give you. The topics will focus on tips that will help readers become well-informed buyers in the future.

I will also be featuring properties for sale in my blog. All of them are included in my active property listing complete with property information and other pertinent detail. Aside from that, I will also provide my personal insight on the property, providing detailed discussions and explanations on the pros and cons of each property.

It is my hope that through my blog I will better inform more prospective buyers regardless of whether they’re my client or not. You can always get the best deal for you, just choose a real estate broker that can give you the correct advice.

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